On World Series of Birding day, monitor the cumulative species totals as teams check off birds on the list. Team standings will begin to appear under Completed Teams as folks end their day. Teams keeping paper lists will not appear here until their lists have been approved, which may take several days.

Keep an eye on the Twitter feed to see what the teams are sharing. 

A message from NJ Audubon's President and CEO, Eric Stiles.

New Jersey Audubon is committed to connecting all peop… https://t.co/3ENFbp2mNy
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Environment and Business Groups Call for Sustainable Recovery Agenda to Create Green Jobs, Healthier Communities - https://t.co/tO4eZc1NUM 0 0
#CapeMayMoment - June 1st

Scooting into the work week like...these horseshoe crabs? This was the scene at one of t… https://t.co/jnLHqjoDG1
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White ibis over Cape May state park - Dan Ceravolo (9:41am).
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