On World Series of Birding day, monitor the cumulative species totals as teams check off birds on the list. Team standings will begin to appear under Completed Teams as folks end their day. Teams keeping paper lists will not appear here until their lists have been approved, which may take several days.

Keep an eye on the Twitter feed to see what the teams are sharing. 

Dickcissel again in field across from Beanery parking lot; still no sign of Golden-crowned Sparrow today (1:30pm). #cmbirds 1 7
WOOD STORK now @nature_NJ South Cape May Meadows (12:50pm). #cmbirds 1 5
Last night NJ Audubon's Nellie Tsipoura, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Director of Citizen Science received the W… https://t.co/lf5geKbbrW 1 19